thestudio1BenJam Studios had its launch in November 2012 and delivers live drum tracking capability of highest quality with an incredibly short turnaround time. This means that music producers in need of high quality live drum tracks can get them fast and easy at an affordable price. BenJam Studios is today fully capable of recording all instruments. We are also set up to produce and mix your songs within a variety of genres.slide6Located just 5 miles north of downtown Los Angeles in quiet Monterey Hills, CA, BenJam Studios offers beautiful as well as relaxing outdoor lounge areas for creative writing and arrangement sessions. Our peaceful yard has for example proven to be an excellent place for preliminary song writing sessions.

With a few high end Class-A outboard units for warmth and color, the signal flow at BenJam Studios is short and clean with literally zero noise. The studio “combustion chamber” is a 12 channel Neve clone mic-pre stack housed within 3 x 4 channel Vintech 473 modules combined with the fantastic Lynx Aurora 16 Class-A DAD Converter.

Studio Gear List:


  • Mac Pro: 16 GB memory, 2 x 2.8 GHZ Quad Core Intel Xeon
  • Mac Book Pro 2.4 Quad Core

Digital Audio Workstation:

  • Logic Pro


  • Presonus Monitor Station

Midi Controllers & Digital Pianos:

  • Axiom 25 MIDI
  • Yamaha P90 Digital Pianothestudio4

Drums Sets:

  • Pearl Masters Custom (12, 13, 16, 22)
  • Pearl Masters Custom (8, 10, 13, 18)
  • DW Collectors (10, 12, 15, 20)
  • Snares: various
  • Cymbals: a wide selection of Ziljdians and Paiste cymbals
  • Hardware: DW and Pearl Heavy Duty Hardware
  • Drum Heads: Remo Ambassadors and Emperors Coated


  • Congas LP Caliente (Conga & Llamador)


  • Fender Stratocaster American Standard (rosewood neck)
  • Fender 150M Original Pure Nickel Electric Strings – Medium
  • Takamine G-Jumbo Electric /Acoustic
  • Fender Acoustic
  • Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

Gui & Bass Amps:

  • VOX AC15
  • Roland Cube Street Stereo Amp
  • SWR LA Series LA 8

Speaker Systems (mixing/mastering):

  • Yamaha HS50 Pair + HS10W subwoofer
  • Reftone Reference Monitors by Dave Hampton
  • Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I 400W

Power Amp:

  • Crown XLS 1000 DriveCore Series Power Amp


  • Line 6 POD HD500


  • Fender Jazz Bass American Standard 1997
  • Dean Marley Strings


  • 3 x 4 channel Vintech 473 modules.thestudio3


  • Lynx Aurora 16 Converter

Tube Amps/ Compressors:

  • 2 x Summit Audio TLA 100A


  • Kick 1: Audix 6
  • Kick 2: Yamaha Subkick
  • 2 x SM57
  • 3 x 421
  • 2 x SM81
  • 1 x Room: sE220a
  • 2 x ADK 3 Zigmas (lollipops)
  • 2 x ADK 3 Zigmas (lipsticks)


  • Canare and Mogami exclusively